Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Kela bhajia(pakoda-pakora)|Fasting plaintain(raw banana)fritters

Upwas generally reminds us of either sabudana khichdi or bhagar (vari tandul bhat).I  keep on searchinh for new upwas recipes as my husband fasts twice a week....
 I am posting the recipe of upwas kela bhaji ...which turned out to be delicious.....this can be eaten with upwas coconut chutney or upwas dahi chutney ( pls chk my site for the recipe).



Raw banana -3-4

Sabudana peeth (sago flour)-1 cup

1tsp - red chilli powder

Salt as per taste

pinch -sugar


  1. Peel bananas & immerse them in cold water for 10-15 minutes.this will help to remove stickiness.
  2. Next remove from cold water & then let it dry on a clean towel or tissue paper.Slice bananan into pieces
  3.  Mix sabudana flour,sugar,red chilli powder ,salt ,sugar in a bowl & add sufficient water to make a thin batter (similar to the one we make for potato pakoda).
  4.  Dip the kela pieces in batter & deep fry them till golden brown  in hot oil.
  5.  Drain bhaji on a tissue to absorb excess oil & serve with upwas chutney.

Keep the banana slices in frigde for 10 minutes so that they wont fall black

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