Thursday, 26 April 2012

THALIPEETH BHAJANI FLOUR RECIPE |How to make thalipeeth bhajani at home

My mom & mausis make the thalipeeth flour (called as bhajani ) at home which is not only healthy,delicious & hygienic but also economical.Once made with the below ingredients stays fresh for 6 months to one year if stored in an airtight container.This is my aunts recipe.Click here to prepare delicious thalipeeth (multigrain flatbread)

Ingredients :
Rice (tandul/chawal) -  1 kg 
Chana dal (split yellow gram dal ) - 500 gms
Urad dal (whole black gram/split black gram /whole/split udid) - 250 grams
Moong dal(Split green gram ) - 250 grams
Jowari (sorghum/jwari/jowar ) - 250 grams
Bajri /bajari ( pearl millet) - 250 grams
Nachni (Ragi)  - 250 grams
Two handful (don muthbhar) of wheat (gahu/gehu)grains
Two handful (don muthbhar ) of poha ( flattened rice)
Handful (ek muthbhar) -  coriander seeds (dhane)
Handful (ek muthbhar) - jeera (cuminseeds
Handful (ek muthbhar)  - dalchini ( cinamom)
Handful (ek muthbhar) - black peper (kali miri)
Handful (ek muthbhar)  -  lavang (cloves)

Method :

1.Dry roast pulses in a clean kadai/pan individually until nice and crisp on a low heat .TAKE CARE NOT TO BURN
2.Combine and grind into a fine  powder  in a flour mill ( atta chakki /pithachi giran ) If using less quantity of pulses  do it in  a mixie grinder.
3.Store in an airtight container.
4.Use as required to make thalipeeth.

Tips and Variations:

1) This recipe has a number of pulses used, which make the thalipeeth tasty & healthy. However, you may omit any of the pulses mentioned above if not available.

 2) For smaller quantities of bhajani flour replace  1kg in above ingredient by 1 cup & 500 gms with 1/2 cup & 250 grams with 1/4 cup ,two handful with 2 tbsp & one handful with 1 tbsp.

 3) Quick recipe: Dry roast millet flours (whichever available) and rice flour separately for 10 minutes, combine and make thalipeeth in a usual way.

 4) Thalipeeth Bhajani lasts more than a year if stored airtight. The aroma tells that the flour is fresh.

A glimpse of thalipeeth made from above flour


  1. far zanazanit bhajanai ahe..... surwatila khatana kahi kalat nahi pan thodyawelane potat aag padate.... :(
    bhajani madhe masalyancha praman kami karu shakto...

  2. varil dilele praman 1 kg bhajani che ahe ...tip no 2 madhe mention kelya pramane tumhi muthbhar chya aiwaji 1 tsp or 1 tbsp (tumcha spice level pramane ) taku shakta .

    amcha ithe jevan jhanjhanit asta pan tumhi tumcha spice level pramane bhajani madhe masalyancha praman kami karu shakta