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Matkichi usal /mothbeans stir fry /matkichi amti :

Matki, MothBeans or Moat is a small brown bean. It is particularly popular & favourite in Marathi /maharashtrian  cuisine. Now Usal can be a dry stir fry made with beans or a liquid curry. We like both the consistencies. It is a dry stir fry when you need to carry in the lunch box and watery for enjoyment at home.This Matki usal  is also used in Misal of Misal-Pav

I have posted the procedure for both matkichi usal & matkichi amti /rassa bhaji

Matki Usal is  one of those dishes that is enjoyed at as a  lightly flavored lunch for morning breakfastand and as an evening or dinner time snack converted to a  Misal pav .Pls click here for famous kolhapuri misal pav Yet the real secret lies in the spice used i.e Goda masala or Kala Masala and jaggery  for a perfect  maharashtrian Matkichi Usal .

Matkichi Amti. This amti is a watery version of the Usal. Basic differentiator of Usal from an Amti is the souring ingredient ( tamarind/ kokam(garcinia indica)/tomatoes.)

Ingredients : 

1 matki (moth beans - soaked overnight and sprouted),
1 medium sized onion
2 crushed garlic cloves (optional),
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
6-8 curry leaves
2 to 3 tsp black masala,
2 tsp red chili powder,
2 tsp grated jaggery or sugar,
1 tsp mustard seeds,
1 tsp turmeric powder,
a pinch of asafoetida
salt to taste 

Grated coconut and chopped coriander leaves for garnish


 3 tsp kanda khobra vatan (coconut onion paste )
1-2 tsp tamarind juice /kokam


1.Wash Matki and keep it in a large bowl. Add 2 cups of water and cover it with lead. Soak the seeds for about 10 hours. Then drain out water, rinse it with fresh water and again drain it. Now transfer it to a sprout maker or else tie it tightly in a smooth cotton cloth for 8- 10 hrs.
2. Heat some oil in a pan. Chop onions into small pieces.
3. Add mustard seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves, turmeric powder and then onions and garlic.
4. After onion pieces turn transperent,add ginger garlic paste  add matki and mix well. Add 1 cup water.
5. Cover and cook over medium heat for 8-10 minutes till it is half cooked.
6. Now add black masala, jaggery, chili powder and salt.Pour some water , keep lead and cook it for 5-10 minutes. It's depend on individuals choice, whether you like very soft makti or little crispy .
7.Garnish with coconut and coriander leaves.

8. If you want to make matkichi rassa bhaji /matkichi amti  follow the process from step 1  & add 3 tsp of kanda khobra vatan (coconut onion paste ) & tamarind juice along with rest of the ingredients in step 6 & add water as per the consistency you require & let  the bhaji get a rolling boil .Pls click here for maharashtrian kanda khobra vatan recipe.

matki rassa bhaji / amti garnished with onion,coriander,sev farsan &lemon slice

1.You can pressure cook for 1-2 whistles or boil the beans in water before making the curry. If pressure cooking add very little water in the cooker along with matki.
 2.Serve usal in a bowl topped with Sev and chopped onion & coriander with lemon juice sprinkled  as a evening snack. this can be paired with a pav (bun bread) or u can also use brown bread .It tastes awesome, just try it.
3. If you want extra spicy curry prepare kat & add instead of kanda khobra vatan in step number 8. Pls click here to make kat /tarri/kaat.

kaat /tari

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