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Sabudana chikodi |sabudana chikwadya recipe|Upwas sago papad fryums-Odiyalu

Sabudana chikodi as we call it in marathi  is prepared with tapioca (sago) & used as one of the fasting snacks . This can be either prepared plain or with food colours added. Also tomato or mint juice can be added to get different flavors.My mom used to make this during summer vacation.

 This takes me down the memory lane of my childhood days when I stayed in uran .Summer is the season when women (especially in  maharashtra)prepare their yearly stock of pickles,moramba (mango jam),mango chunda   & walwan  ie dried items like papad ,sabudana chikodi, potato wafers ,sabudana aloo chakali (murukku) which can be used for fasting too ,kurdaya ,sandge, mirgunda, walaveli tondli etc.

I remember my aaji  (moms mausi) used to fill big glass jars with pickles & handover jars to all her daughters .

She would even prepare ambepoli ( wadi prepared from alphonso mango pulp), sun dried kokam sherbat,amboshi ,papads ,kurdais.My  mom prepares variety of pickles all round the year.


As a child I  too was a part of this program especially batata papad ,sabudana chakali ,sabudana chikodi & potato wafers (all can be eaten during fast (vrat/upwaas)  which my mausi used to prepare.

My work was to dry these items on a cot ( a bed made of wood  &  coconut coir),turn the papads & keep a watch on sparrows,crows & silky (my favourite pamerean dog) that tried to feast these delicious dishes.In fact in uran the women used to schedule papad & collectively gather at each others place & make different kinds of papad. We get tasty urad ,poha,batata & sabudana papad in PEN a small town near alibag which is famous for ganesh murtis.

Updated post with sabudana chikodi made by me in april 2013 in bangalore in which i have used red ,orange & green food colour


I love all four dishes but today want to post about sabudana wafers /chikodya/ can even call them sabudana papad

Here I have added cumin seeds to get a wonderful taste and red,green & orange food colour to make tricolour chikodis .


Sago/sabudana /tapioca-  1 cup
Water - 2-3 cups
Green chilies 3-6
Cumin seeds 2-4 spoons
Food color (optional)


1.Wash Sago & Soak  in water for 5 minutes .

2.Then grind the chilies to a  coarse paste

3.In a sauce pan, boil water. Add sago to it. Continue cooking over low-medium heat...with constant stirring.dont forget to stir. You will notice it turning to translucent to glassy appearance, much like a glue.. Then remove from heat.

4. Now add salt,cumin seeds & green chilli paste . Mix well now add 1/4 of this mixture in 2 separate bowl & add pinch of  green colour & orange colour respectively to sago mixture & mix well.

5.Take a clean plastic sheet  or one could use cotton churni/cloth also. Place this sheet under direct sun some weight on the plastic sheet  so that  it will not get blown by wind.

6.Now carefully take a spoon full of sago porridge and uniformly place on the sheets.Spread it in the form of circle with the help of spoon. Leave enough gap between 2 chikodis. Now sun dry them for couple of days to a week or until they are dry completely without any moisture.

7.Remove these from the sheets and store in an air-tight container.

8.heat oil in a pan. When the oil is hot enough...fry few fryums at a time... it takes less than 20 seconds to get remove immediately using slotted spoon. 


9.Serve as snacks or on upwas /fasting day or as side dish with dalfry rice/sambhar rice /rasam rice.

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