Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Upwas Dosa - Ghavane|Ghavan|Phalahari sabudana bhagar dose|varicha dosa

Upwas recipes are constantly pouring on my website since I try to bring variation in the upwas food due to my husbands biweekly upwas.hence when I came across this recipe in marathi cookery show I noted details in my notebook.& made it last week .

Ghavane/ghavan is made by maharashtrians  from rice batter. It is generally eaten along with chutney or gravy .

But todays recipe of ghavan is for fasting /upwas /vrat  hence made using fasting ingredients . 


 Samo rice (Wareeche tandul/ variche tandul/bhagar)  – 2 bowls
 Roasted  Groundnuts (Shengdane koot) powder –  1 bowl
 Cumin seeds (Jeera) – 3 tbsp
 Green Chilli (Mirchi)  -  7-8
 Coriander Leaves /Kothimbir  – 5 tbsp finely chopped
1 tsp sugar
 Salt  to taste
 Oil  as required


 1.Soak  variche tandul, Cumin seeds about- 5-6 hours.keep water level 1 inch above variche  tandul.

 2.Grind them with peanut powder,green chillies except salt into a fine paste.

 3.Next add salt ,Coriander leaves,sugar and water to make it .

 4.The batter should be very smooth and the consistency should be loose.(like rava dosa).

 5.Now heat a  pan(tawa)  on medium flame and put some drops of oil.

 6.When the pan is hot  pour batter quickly using a small bowl in a circular fashion.

 7.You should be very fast while doing this when u pour batter rotate the pan to spread it all over.

 8.Now cover with  lid on and turn it upside after 3-4 min.

 9.Then remove on a plate after 2 min once dosa becomes brown &  Serve hot with  curd  chutney or upwas coconut chutney.

a close look


1.Some people dont eat coriander leaves during fasting in that case skip kothimbir.
2.First dosa might stuck to the pan but afterwards it will come out easily.
3. Add jeera powder instead of whole cumin seeds.
4.adjust the number of green chillies as per your taste.
5.You can even soak equal amout of sabudana along with bhagar /samo rice & proceed from step 2.

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