Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Upwas ratala thalipeeth| Fasting sweet potato thalipith

Yet another interesting recipe which I had viewed on marathi tv channels cooker show.Worth trying as here potato is replaced with sweet potato ( ratala /shakarkand). Most people are bored to eat potato during fast as they often feel heavy & bloated so sweet potato is a good option in that case.

since sweet potato is a  bit sweet in taste increase the quantity of green chilli in this recipe.

Ingredients :
1 cup grated  sweet potato ( ratala /shakarkand)
1/2 cup soaked sabudana (sago/tapaico)
2 tsp lemon juice ( tamarind juice) { Some people dont use tamarind (imli/chinch) for fasting in that case use lime juice)
2-3 chillies grind coarsely
1/2 cup roasted peanut powder (shengdana kut)
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 tsp coriander leaves (kothimbir/dhania patta)
Salt to taste

Method :

1 Remove skin of  sweet potato ( ratala /shakarkand)  & grate it with grater & keep aside.

2.Mix lemon juice / tamarind juice  & coarsely grind chillies with  sweet potato ( ratala /shakarkand) & keep aside to marinate for 10 minutes.

3. Next add soaked sabudana,roasted peanut powder (shengdana kut), sugar, 1 tsp cumin seeds ,coriander leaves (kothimbir/dhania patta),salt to above  marinated & grated suran .

4.Mix well & prepare dough.

5 Take a plastic sheet & apply little ghee on it. ( So that thalipeeth doesn't stick to plastic sheet)
6. Take a  big lemon  sized ball of dough & place it on plastic sheet & press it with the help of your fingers so that you will get a thalipeeth of 3 inches diameter.(You can make thalipeeth of any diameter as per your wish only thing that it should be tapped flat so that it gets cooked easily).

7. Next heat a fry pan &  grease the pan with ghee .Now place this thalipeeth on fry pan & add little ghee from sides .Cover the pan & let it cook for 2-3 minutes.

8.Now open lid & check if thalipeeth has turned golden brown.Reverse thalipeeth with the help of a spatula ,add little ghee from sides & again cook the remaining side till it turns brown.

9.Remove from pan & serve it with following upwas chutneys :click on link for detailed recipe
 upwas dahi (yoghurt)chutney / upwas groundnut coconut chutney.

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