Thursday, 24 October 2013

Murmura (Kurmura )Chiwda | Puffed rice Diwali chivda

Chiwda - chivda is  crispy healthy maharashtrian snack made from poha ie  beaten / flattened rice  flavoured with peanut and spices .This Poha Chivda recipe has a great shelf life and is  easy to make.

Chivda has many variations & today we are going to make murmura / puffed rice chivda. You can make chivda using only poha or only murmura or a combination of both .It depends on your taste .

In maharashtra chivda is made during diwali faraal but u can make it any time round the year .When topped with tomato,onion ,kothimbir,sev  & lemon juice you can even prepare an instant bhel using this murmura chivda

Ingredients :

Puffed rice (kurmura/murmura)- 6 cups
 Oil  3 tablespoons
 Asafoetida  a pinch
 Mustard seeds  1/4 teaspoon
 Turmeric powder  1/2 teaspoon
 Green chillies,slit  3

 Curry leaves  10-15
 Roasted chana dal (dalia)  1/2 cup

 2 tsp cumin coriander powder
 2 tsp badishep ( fennel seeds)
Dry coconut (khopra),thinly sliced & fried  till brown 1/4 small
 Salt  to taste

 Peanuts (with skin), fried  1/4 cup

 Method :

1 Roast Poha and murmura separately adding ½ tsp salt  in a pan to light golden colour. Adding salt while roasting will make it crispier for long time.

2.Heat oil in a kadai. Add asafoetida, mustard seeds and turmeric powder. 

3.When the mustard seeds crackle add green chillies and curry leaves and sauté till the curry leaves become crisp.

4.Add roasted chana dal,fenenl seeds and sauté for a minute. Add dry coconut slices and sauté for another minute. 

5.Add puffed rice and mix well. Add salt, sugar ,cumin coriander powder ,fried peanuts and mix well.

6. Cool completely and store in an airtight tin. 

7 Slight variation where farsan and yellow shev plus tikhat shev is added to above chivda

 Add Coriander seeds,crushed garlic in the tempering for variation.
Add amchur powder for a tangy taste .
Add roasted cashewnuts  to above chivada

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