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Holi recipes | Holi snacks savory sweets complete thali

Holi, also known as the ‘Spring Festival’, is one of the most fun-filled and entertaining festivals celebrated in India. 

This festival is observed with great enthusiasm in the country. Many legends are associated with this divine festival. This ‘Festival of Colors’ happens once in a year and is marked by the throwing of color powders and color liquids on each other by the people celebrating this wonderful festival. Like all festivals in India, Holi too has its own traditional recipes, which are prepared on this occasion as part of the celebration. Indeed, the delicacies prepared on this special occasion add to the delight and excitement. 

I am sharing  with you a list of Traditional Holi Recipes  which will Brighten up the Colors this Holi 

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 A) Holi Sweets

 PURAN POLI                                               

AMRAS PURI               

KAJU KATLI                                                             

DUDHI PANEER BALLS                                             

KHAJUR (DATE) ROLLS                                                                     

LAYERED KARANJI                                                            

GULAB JAMUN                                 

DUDHI  KHEER                                                                          

SEVAIYA - VERMICELLI PUDDING                                                 

KARANJI -GUJIYA                                                                            


MOONG DAL HALWA                                                 

KAJU KATLI                                                                     


ANARSE - ANARSA                                                                 

B) Holi namkeen –savory  -snacks

HARA BHARA KABAB                                                                      

TIKHAT SHEV                                                               

MATAR KARANJI                                                           

SWEET KACHORI                                                                 

C) Holi chat recipes  


D) Holi main course complete thali recipes:

Dal recipes

Rice – biryani  -pulao        


Baby corn pulao - biryani recipe

 Indian Breads -roti-poori

 Vegetable gravy - dry sabji

KATACHI AMTI               

DALIMBYACHI USAL                                                            

MATAR BATATA FLOWER RASSA BHAJI                       

CHAWALI RASSA BHAJI                                                            

Hyderabadi bagara baingan|


Side dishes

KOTHIMBIR VADI                                                                  

KOTHIMBIR VADI                                                                  

MANGO PICKLE                                                                    

MIRCHI BHAJI                                                                       

KANDA TOMATO KOSHIMBIR                                             

 DAHI RAITA VANGYACHE KAAP                                                                 

 LASUN CHUTNEY                                                                   

E)  Holi beverages -cooler drinks



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