Thursday, 2 May 2013

Khandeshi Style vangyache bharit |marathi style Baingan Bharta

VANGYACHE BHARIT  in marathi or Baingan bharta as they call in north india  are made with different style in different regions in India.


Eggplant is also known as vanga in marathi & baingan in hindi.

Todays recipe is   khandeshi style vangyacha bharit or bharta.
Khandesh is a region in north Maharashtra, which includes towns and cities like Dhule,Jalgaon and so on



It doesn't have much spices or masala apart from turmeric and amazing flavour of mild fried garlic,green chillies and  peanuts.

You can check skp style vangyache bharit (mom special) recipe here


1 big  eggplant (vanga /baingan) {bharta eggplant are special, they are large in shape }
4-5 green chillies (adjust according to taste)
6-7 cloves of garlic
1 cup chopped spring onion (green onion) ( i had used normal red onion)
1/2 cup chopped coriander (kothmir)
1/4 cup peanuts(shngdana)
1/4 cup sliced dry coconut
salt per taste
4-5 tablespoons oil


1.Wash brinjal Rub some oil to the surface of the eggplant and roast eggplant over direct flame flipping the sides a couple of times for even roasting. Alternately rub some oil to the surface of eggplant & place in a kadhai/yok on a medium flame covered with a lid.After 10 minutes turn the brinjal & let it cook. covered with lid.keep on turning the brinjal a couple of times for even roasting.

2.After half an hour, or when the skin of eggplant loosens up from the inner flesh, insert a knife and check if the inner portion of eggplant has turned soft. Remove eggplant from the fire. Let it cool.

3. Peel off the black skin and take only the inner flesh of the eggplant. Scoop out black seeds, if any.

4.Mash eggplant flesh it with a spatula or mortar/pestle.Please do not use mixer/grinder for mashing pulp

5. Heat the 1 table spoon of oil in a flat pan. Once the oil is hot add garlic and green chilli & fry till they get slight brown. Grind together green chilies and garlic.

6 Add washed, cleaned, finely chopped coriander & green chilli garlic paste  to eggplant.and mix well.

7 . Now start heating oil in thick bottom kadhai. Once oil is hot enough, add coconut slices and peanuts and roast them until golden brown.

8.Now add chopped green onion and fry for few minutes. Now add eggplant mixture and salt and mix it well. Lower the flame and let it cook for few minutes covering the kadhai.

9.garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot/warm with puri,chapati or jowar  bhakari


Tips -

Squeeze little lime juice on bharit if you like bit tangy taste.

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