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Mallige Idli Recipe |Jasmine idli |snow white idli

My first venture with making idli on my own began 2.5 yrs ago when we shifted to hyderabad ,where my neighbour aunty taught me make idli at home right from the batter .
My first attempt of making super soft idli using idli rava was successful.

Here in hyderabad i learnt to make different  types of idli which you can check by clicking on idli varieties.

Once we shifted to bangalore I came across this MALLIGE IDLI   .

.Soft, fluffy, white and light !  The  white puffy steamed idlis are called so because of extra softness of these idlis.

Mallige Idli is one of the most common and versatile Karnataka breakfast made with beaten rice or Poha, cooked rice, idli rice, sour yoghurt and urad dal. These Idlis are  very healthy with almost nil fat content in them.

Mallige in Kannada means Jasmine, hence this dish is also known as Jasmine idli and as Kushboo Idli in Tamil Nadu.

Mallige Idli or Jasmine Idli is very soft and fluffy and popular in Mysore and Mangalore.
Spongy Idlis with coconut chutney served along with delicious piping hot sambar surely makes a delightful meal

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3 Cups of idli rice ( i had used sona masoori)
1-1/2 Cups urad dal
1 Handful of cooked white rice
1 Handful Poha or puffed rice
1 Cup curd
Salt to taste

1. Soak idli rice and urad dal separately for about 5-6 hours in  water and poha separately for 2 hrs.
2. Grind urad dal into a very soft batter along with little water,set aside. 
3. Now grind idli rice also into a soft paste along with cooked rice, poha and sour curd. 
4 Combine urad dal paste with idli rice mixture.  and poha separately for 2 hrs.Add salt to taste,mix well. 
5. Place it in a hot place overnight for 10 to 12 hours for fermentation. 

6.Grease the idli plates with oil and pour a ladle of idli batter into each plate.

7. Fill a cooker (with whistle removed) with 2 glass of water,  Now place idli stand in it and steam cook for about 15 to 17  minutes until done. 

8.  Allow the idlies to settle for about 10 minutes and then scoop out the hot idlies into a serving bowl using a knife. The remaining batter can be immediately stored in the refrigerator before it becomes sour.

9.Serve Mallige Idlies with sambar, milagai podi,tomato chutney ,allam pachadi



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