Friday, 30 August 2013

Methi Dhebra Recipe | Gujarati Methi Na Dhebra

Methi na dhebra is a gujarati snack dish.i tasted this during my recent alibag moms friend bhabhi had got it for me and i coudnt just resist myself.

An iron and fibre-rich snack made with fenugreek leaves and bajra flour, methi na dhebra is so scrumptious that the plate will be empty in no time—so, take my advice and make more than you think is needed! served with curds, this makes an ideal afternoon snack.

 i must admit that the deep-fried version tastes even better, so forget the health-watch slogans once in a while and indulge!

It is a delicious and healthy Gujarati dish suitable for diabetic patients generally prepared during cold winter season for evening snack or dinner and served with curd.

Ingredients :

 Bajra flour- (2 cup)
wheat flour - ( 1/4 cup)
 Suji(semolina) - 100 grams ( 3/4 cup)
 Cornflour - 50 grams (1/3 cup)
 Green Methi  leaves - 2 cup
1 tbsp besan (gram flour)
 Til(sesame seeds) - 1 tbsp
 Jeera(cumin) - 1/2 tsp
 Sour curd - 200 grams (1 cup)
 Gur(jaggery)/sugar - 1 tsp
 Salt - add to taste (1 tsp)
 Green chilli - 4
 garlic - 2 cloves
 Ginger- 1 inch long piece
 Red chilli powder - less than 1/4 tsp
 Turmeric powder - less than 1/4 tsp
 Oil - to fry Dhebra


1.make  a paste of chilli,garlic & ginger .Filter Bajra flour, wheat flour, Suji , cornflour and keep it aside in a utensil.

2.Wash Methi leaves and chop them finely after removing water.. Mix Gur in curd and blend well.

3.Make a hole  in the middle of the flour, put Gur mixed with curd, 1 tbsp oil and all the spices. Mix all the ingredients properly and with the help of water knead a dough similar to that of a puri. Cover the dough and leave it aside for half an hour.

4 After half  hour press the dough well and make a good dough. Now  make lemon sized pieces from the dough and keep aside.

5.heat oil in a pan and heat. Take one piece of dough, using oil or dry flour roll into a little thick puri , 3 inches in diameter. Now put the puri in hot oil , pres it with a ladle to make Dhebra puffy.

6Fry till both sides turn brown. Place the fried Dhebra on a plate covered with a paper napkin. Repeat with the other Dhebra. You can fry 2-3 Dhebra at a time in the pan.

7. Serve Dhebra with pickle or Chutney


For cooking dhebra on tava Place the rolled Dhebra on the heated Tawa and cook it by applying oil till both sides turn brown. Now place Dhebra on a plate and keep it in a casserole after it cools off.

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