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Mango halwa | Mango Sheera (Ambyacha Sheera) |mango rava kesari

I know its not mango season but yet another mango recipe namely  mango halwa or mango sheera .

Sheera- is a traditional Maharshtrian sweet, usually served as ‘Prasad’ for Satyanarayan puja. Sheera also happens to be  favourite breakfast in many Maharashtrian homes.
sheera is known as halwa in hindi and kesari in south

Maharashtrians have two versions of sheera .The Sheera that is made for ‘Prasad’ usually has slices of banana in it. the regular sheera has dryfruits and kesar along with cardamom powder & you can use milk or water to make it

Mango Sheera (Ambyacha Sheera) is a  recipe similar to regular rava sheera /sooji ka  halwa but the only addition is of mango pulp .......the end result is a halwa with mango taste, flavors and aroma.

wanted to make this during mango season but some how missed it so made it during ganpati festival.I have used mango pulp in this recipe but you can even deskin fresh juicy ripe yellow mangoes cut them & blend to a purre in mixer & use it.

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1/2 cup Sooji/Rava

1/2 cup  sugar (adjust as per your taste)

1 cup mango pulp  (Alphonso or Kesar preferably)

1.25 cup Water or milk (you can use both in half half quantity to make 1.25 cup)

few Saffron strands

1 tsp Cardamom powder
8-10 Cashew nuts  or almond

2 tbsp Raisins (optional)

3-4 tbsp Ghee


1.If using fresh mango , r3move ,mamgo skin ,cut  into pieces and grind to a smooth puree and keep it aside.It should yield 1 cup approximately.

2.Heat 2 tbsp ghee in a kadai/pan and add cashew nuts/dry fruits , fry until they turn light brown in color . In the same pan add raisins and fry them remove and keep them aside.  add saffron in warm milk and keep it aside for 10 mins.



3.Now in the same pan add rava and fry until the rava becomes aromatic and very light brown in color. Do  not roast for long,it should not change the color to deeper brown.


4.Meanwhile boil water with milk  in another pan .add the boiling water milk mixture to the roasted rava mixture by mixing it simultaneously and cover it and cook for 2- mins until the rava absorbs the water.


 add sugar & mix properly and cook covered for a minute. lastly add the ground mango puree to it and mix well and cover and cook for a minute. The halwa becomes bit loose in consistency.


6.finally  add cardamom powder, saffron infused milk, roasted cashew nuts and raisins,  and 2-3 tbsp ghee and mix well. Cover it and let it cook for 2 mins on low flame until the halwa becomes shiny.

7.Switch off the flame ,let halwa remain covered for another 5-7 minutes

8.garnish with fried kaju & pinch of saffron & serve warm

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