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Sabudana rolls recipe |falahari -vrat - upwas sago tapioca rolls

Fasting or vrat or upwas are quite popular in india .people keep fasts on many occasions like navratri,ramzan,mahashivratri,angariki ,karva chauth, janmashtami.

Every state has its fasting food culture .In maharashtra Sabudana /tapaico (Sago in English), is normally associated with fasting ( Navratri ,angarika and sankashti )and so naturally, Sabudana wada is popular on such days.

In mumbai we use upwas bhajani flour/sabudana flour  /rajgira flour/singhada ata /bhagar (samo rice) flour on fasting days

todays recipe sabudana rolls are a cousin of  sabudana wada .It is very easy to prepare and requires very little preparation.

 But any other day is just as good to enjoy this comforting food. In fact, the sago rolls are very crispy and crunchy and melt in your mouth.

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1 cup Sabudana (tapioca,sago)
1/2 cup Peanuts (roasted & crushed coarsely)
1-2 medium Potato (boiled, peeled & mashed)
2 tsp red chilli powder
1-2 tspn roasted cumin seeds  
pinch of sugar
1 tsp lemon juice
2 tbsp coriander leaves
2 tbsp upwas bhajani flour/sabudana flour  /rajgira flour/singhada ata /kuttu ka ata
Salt to taste


1.Wash sago thoroughly and drain excess water. Soak it for 2-3 hours with water level just equivalent to the level of sago ( sEE TIP 3)

2.  Add all ingredients to it except oil. Mix well into a dough.

3.Keep the oil in a deep frying pan to heat.

4.Moist hands take a mixture from dough & make oblong or cylindrical shape rolls


5 Slide the rolls  in the heated oil on medium flame. Fry till they are crisp and light brown in color. (SEE TIP 1)

6.Drain them well on a tissue paper. Makes about 8-10 rolls
   Serve with  fasting peanut chutney or dahi chutney.


1 Fry sago rolls  when the oil is piping hot to get crispy vadas.if you fry in warm oil they will soak lot of oil
2  can use 2-3 green chilli instead of red chilli powder if you dont eat chilli powder during fasting
3.The correct amount of water for soaking sago is important as if you add more water sago becomes sticky & if you add less water it becomes dry
4. If you feel rolls are breaking while frying add one more tsp of   upwas bhajani flour  /rajgira flour/singhada ata /kuttu ka ata /sabudana flour
5. can add dahi instead of lemon juice
6 skip coriander leaves if you dont eat them during fasting/upwas


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