Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Green chilli pickle |spicy hirwi mirchi loncha marathi style |tikha hari mirch ka achar

I absolutely love pickles since childhood .pickle is known as loncha or lonche in marathi and hirwi mirchi stands for green chilli.In India, any meal is incomplete without a spicy pickle and crispy pappadum or papad.

my mom prepares a wide range of pickles like mango pickle,lemon pickle ,mixed vegetable loncha ,dryfruit pickle ,mango sweet sour pickle  ,lemon sweet spicy pickle , amla pickle, instant mango pickle and yes ofcourse green chilli pickle

she has two version of green chilli pickle one with yellow split mustard dal ( rai chi dal) and other similar to mirchi thecha

Chilli Mustard Pickle is an incredible pickle made with small pieces of green chillies sautéed in a seasoning of little hing, turmeric powder and fresh crushed mustard powder. This more like an instant pickle that can be served with any type of Bhakri such as jowar ki bhakri, jowar bajre ki bhakri, roti and salads etc.

The green chillies have an excellent piquant punch when combined with mustard powder. Many of us love pickled green chillies .

Spicing up meals with green chillies is a good idea to add that spicy and fiery taste to the food. Almost every region of India boasts a chilli variety having its own unique qualities in terms of heat, flavour and colour.

Oil and salt act as a preservative to the pickles that help it stay fresh for long.

today i m posting this simple green chilli pickle with mustard dal

1  cup Green chilies pieces/hirwi mirchi /hari mirch
¼ cup Salt
1/3 cup yellow Mustard Seeds dal (rai chi dal)
1 tsp Turmeric Powder
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
10 Fenugreek Seeds (optional - i didnt use)

 ¼ cup Oil
 ½ tsp Mustard Seeds
1 tbsp  Hing (Asafoetida Powder)


1.Wash green chillies , dry, break off their stems then cut them into small pieces about 1 cm after wiping with a clean cloth. Keep the pieces of chilly in a bowl, put salt, turmeric powder and mix properly.
2. Cover the bowl and leave aside for the half to 1 hour. Stir the chillies up and down with a clean spoon
3 Heat oil in a small saucepan. Deep fry Fenugreek seeds (take care it should not burn) . make a coarse powder of fenugreek and mustard dal in mixer. Add crushed Fenugreek seeds  mustard dal powder to Green Chilies and mix well.
4 heat same oil  to smoking point.once oil is hot switch off gas and remove saucepan from fire .after 5 minutes add mustard seeds,Asafoetida.  let it cool down at room temperature.
5 Once the tadka/seasoning is cool, pour it on Green chilies mixture. now add fresh lemon juice and mix well.
6 . Transfer pickle to airtight clean and dry container and cover it with lid. Keep it undisturbed  outside in your kitchen for at least 2-3 days . Stir the pickle(up and down) twice everyday with a dry and clean spoon.
7. Mouth watering  Green Chilly Pickle will be ready in the next 3-4 can keep it in fridge after 3-4 days


1.Rai kuria /Rai chi daal- are mustard seeds with the skin removed and then split or roughly ground and are yellow in colour.if you dont have rai ki dal
 you can also use coarsely ground black mustard seeds instead of rai kuria.


  1. This recipe is confusing. First, what is "yellow mustard daal" or "rai chi daal", nothing like this appears on google search. Second, how can you make powder of "oil deep fried" fenugreek!! Please revise the recipe!!

    1. yellow mustard daal are mustard seeds that have been cracked (split). They are also known as rai kuria in Hindi and rai chi dal in marathi.These seeds have a slightly bitter taste, and are used as a preservative in pickles

      you can read more on the link

      grind methi seeds with yellow mustard daal in normal mixer grinder .