Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Kakdichi koshimbir |marathi style cucumber salad

Sometimes we forget few simple things which are a part of our life.One such recipe is kakdi chi koshimbir which i had forgotton to blog

Now kakdi means cucumber & koshimbir is salad

Kakdichi kosimbir or cucumber salad is a typical maharashtrian recipe .I love  it for its simplicity and crunchy texture. It’s quick and easy to make  and needs  just a few fact it is so good, that you can just have it plain

This was one dish which i could make before marriage .Making this koshimbir  is a childs play.

A balanced Marathi Thali (Taat )  will always have a koshimbir in it ,there is a style in which the taat is served ,by which i means every recipe served in taat (dish) has a specific place where it should be placed-- i will blog in detail about it some day later.

 We maharashtrians have different versions of koshimbir

Kakdichi koshimbir
Beetroot koshimbirkanda tomato koshimbir
gajarachi koshimbir
kanda tomato kakdi koshimbir

Tomato kakdi koshimbir
bhoplyachi koshimbir
mulyachi koshimbir

cabbage koshimbir
kanda koshimbir

cucumber, coconut, roasted peanuts, lemon juice & green chilies and coriander leaves are used in this cucumber salad which results in a tasty ,cool,crunchy salad

There are variations to this koshimbir namely khamang kakdi in which the koshimbir is tempered with mustard,ghee,curry leaves & jeera  and second one is named kakdi cha raita or kheera raita  in which dahi (curd) is mixed withKakdichi kosimbir

1 medium size Cucumber/ Kakdi
1 long green chilies sliced
1 tsp sugar
1 -2 tsp lemon juice
1-2 tbsp crushed roasted groundnuts (shengdana)
1 tbsp chopped green coriander
1 tbsp fresh grated coconut
salt to taste

1.Roast groundnuts remove the skin and grind to coarse powder ( i like coarse rather than fine)
2.Peel cucumbers and either chop it into cubes or small pieces or grate it .(we call it marathi as kakdi chochavna)
4.Mix cucumber, salt, sugar, grated coconut, lemon juice, green chili ,crushed groundnut and coriander.

5 serve immediately


1.make this koshimbir last when your entire meal is ready & you are about to serve .you can add the ingredients in a bowl and keep it in fridge but mixing  should be done when you are about to serve .the reason being if you mix in advance koshimbir will become watery as cucumber oozes water.

2.cut green chilli in abou half inch piece ,do not slice it finely as it will be easy to remove chilli at the time of eating


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