Sunday, 6 October 2013

Tandalacha pitha chi wadi |tandul peeth vadi |Rice flour pancake

This is one recipe which was made specially for me when i was a child.

 You can call it a leftover recipe.tandul peeth /ata means rice flour & wadi is a pancake.

As a child i never ate fish fry ,but i liked this wadi which was prepared from the excess  rice flour remaining after fish fry.

you can even make this from  leftover rice flour after suran (yam fry ) or batata kaap (potato fry ) or vangyache kaap (brinjal fry).

pls note this rice flour already contains red  chilli powder & turmeric which is added at the time of fish fry.but you are free to add more red chilli powder if you want to make your wadi spicy.

Very easy & simple recipe which can be served as a side dish with dal,rice combo


1 cup left over rice flour after fish fry /suran (yam fry ) or batata kaap (potato fry ) or vangyache kaap (brinjal fry)
1 tsp redc chill powder
 tsp turmeric powder
10-12 garlic smashed
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
salt as needed


1.Mix all above ingredients & add smashed garlic & mix well .
2.Add little water & make a dough just like we make for thalipeeth /paratha .dont add to much water
3. Now on a plastic sheet graesed with oil spread the dough with your palms and finger tips to make a wadi about 3-4 inches in diameter

4. Heat a tava &  spread little oil ,now place wadi on heated tava .drizzle oil from sides & let it cook till browned
5. turn the wadi & cook till the remaining side is also browned.

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