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Qubani ka meetha | Kubani Ka meeta |Hyderabadi dessert

I am sure if you have visited Hyderabad than you must have definitely tasted this popular Hyderabadi  speciality dessert named Qubani Ka Meetha

Qubani ka meetha خوبانی کا میٹھا is an Indian dessert made from dried apricots originating from Hyderabad, India. It is 

a common feature at Hyderabadi weddings.Khubani ka Meetha is a very popular dessert of Hyderabadi cuisine.

Khubani is Urdu word for apricot. It’s a simple yet most delicious and rich flavored dessert I had tasted. 

Apricots are good source of vitamins, irons, fibre and more healthy nutrients. khubani means jardalu in marathi

Preparation of the dish involves boiling apricots with syrup until they assume the consistency of a thick soup or compote. The dessert is topped with blanched almonds or apricot kernels, and is traditionally garnished with malai (extra thick cream, ideally from buffalo milk), but also with custard or ice cream.

I have followed my favourite chef sanjay thummas recipe for making this delicious dessert & to my surprise the recipe was not thatc omplicated

I first had this sweet dish in Hyderabad itself. Most of the restaurants in Hyderabad serve this delicacy


Water   1 Cup
sugar    as needed
Apricots  20Numbers


1.wash apricots and Soak apricots in water for over night.

2 Remove the apricots the next day and keep the water aside.deseed the apricots..Break the seeds will find nuts ( almonds) keep it a side

3.Now take a pan add apricots and water let it boil for 15 min by closing with a lid.Keep stirring add water if mixture becomes dry

4.After 15 min remove the lid mash apricots with masher or spoon then add sugar as per taste then nuts let it cook for another 5-8 min.

5.After 10 min transfer it in a bowl.add the almond like nuts from khubani.

6 let it cool down.garnish with almond like nuts . can serve with ice cream or custard,fresh cream.

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