Thursday, 27 August 2015

Parle G biscuit cake in microwave | glucose biscuit cake

Parle G biscuits or glucose biscuits takes me down my memory lane. As a child I used to love these biscuits
even today I Love them .I used to mix them with tea and eat it as a kheer.even today I do it

Now todays recipe is an easy instant 5 minutes cake from parle g biscuits which is made in microwave.You can make it in pressure cooker or oven too
I have used double pack 10 rupees which has 34 biscuits in it .I made this cake in my 6 inch tin in microwave.

I have already shared this with my friends and relatives & they too have tried this easy cake.You can use eno sachet or baking powder in this recipe .Its a bachelors recipe being very easy

Instant way to make cakes with short notice.


150 gms Parle G Biscuit packet ( 10 Rs double packet)
3 tbsp Cocoa powder
1/2 cup Sugar (adjust as per your sweet taste)
1 1/2 cups Milk,approx
1 Eno fruit salt sachet, plain or 1 1/4 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp chopped Dry fruits(walnuts ,almonds,cashew nuts etc)
Butter/Oil , to grease the pan

Cocoa powder or Icing sugar, for dusting
chocolate syrup 


1.Take a  microwave safe tin or aluminium 6 inch mould  and grease it with butter or oil nicely  biscuits like powder and empty in a large bowl.

2.Break biscuits into fine pieces and add cocoa powder, sugar and grind it in the mixer to a fine powder.

3. Add milk to the mixture.The mixture should be smooth,neither very thin nor very thick.

4. Add sliced dryfruits and mix well.Add eno/baking powder to it and give a quick stir

5. throw sum dryfruits in greased mould .Pour this batter into the greased bowl and level it off evenly.Sprinkle few more sliced almonds on top.

6.Select Microwave mode and Microwave it on HIGH for 4-5 mins.Check it after 4 mins, as the power differs for each microwave it is always better to check it in between.

7.If inserted tooth pick  comes out clean it is ready if it is slightly battery then again microwave it for a minute or more.Repeat the tooth pick test if needed.

8.Leave it undisturbed for 5 mins to cool .Run a knife around the corner of the cake and unmould it on to a plate.Slice only when the cake cools off completely or it can crumble

9.For decorations you can use chocolate syrup on top or sprinkle icing sugar /cocoa powder



1.Reduce the sugar to 1/3 cup if you like it less sweet.
2.It is always better to check the cake in between as settings differ for different microwaves.Insert a tooth pick and see if it comes out clean it is ready, if it is slightly battery then again microwave it for a minute or more.
3.You can use combination of biscuits like Parle G and Hide and seek biscuits or use just plain Parle G biscuits.

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