Monday, 23 November 2015

Egg Mayo Garlic Sandwich

Todays recipe is a simple sandwich packed with protein as it contains eggs.I have used brown bread & eggless garlic flavoured mayoinaiise for same .You can even make it using normal white bread.
Also I have used marathi garlic flavoured coconut wada pav chutney to give a zing to this sandwich

Very easy recipe which cane be made by your kids too

Ingredients :

brown bread – 6-8 slices
boiled egg – 3 (cut into round slices)
Eggless garlic mayoinaise – as needed
garlic chutney – one bowl
pepper powder – 1tbsp
salt – As needed

Method :

1. Apply mayoinnase to a pair of bread slices. Sprinkle some garlic chutney on both slices.

2.Now place egg slices four pieces in a square as shown below . Sprinkle some salt & pepper can place another layer of egg slices & sprinkle it with pepper powder & salt.

3.Lastly place the second bread slice on top of egg slices,presss slightly with your palms

4.Cut it into triangles or any other shape you desire. You can top it with mayoinaise , tomato sauce or garlic chutney before serving

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