Friday, 15 April 2016

Plain cheese sandwich,Easy grilled cheese sandwich

I am a sandwich lover ,both plain and grilled sandwiches.

This is a simple plain cheese sandwich which i tried from Mrs VAH RE VAH chef you tube video.



you can even make grilled cheese toast sandwich with below recipe by applying some butter on top of it and grilling it in a toaster or on tava

It is easy quick sandwich seasoned with cheese , butter, pepper powder , pasta seasoning .i havent used apple slices as mentioned in the original recipe ,but you can use the apple slices too

good option for kids tiffin box.

you can use any bread namely white sandwich bread,multigrain or wheat bread .i generally dont remove the edges of bread while making sandwich.

but in case you dont prefer you can trim bread edges.
you can use mozarella cheese or processed cheese. i used britannia cheese cubes.


Bread slices(white sandwich bread,multigrain or wheat bread)-2/4
Butter(room temperature)
2-3 cubes of Processed cheese ( use more or less quantity as per your liking)
1 tbsp Apple(finely sliced) - optional
1/2 tsp Pepper powder
1/2 tsp mixed herbs/pasta seasoning
1/4 tsp Salt to taste

Some grated cheese
red garlic chilli chutney or tomato ketchup

1 Take the bread slices ,in case you dont like cut the edges.i prefer to keep edges intact
2 Now apply butter(room temperature) on both slices .Grate processed cheese on it.
3 If using .Add and spread apple slices.Sprinkle little pepper powder,pasta seasoning and  salt on it.
4 Just take the other bread slice and cover the stuffed bread slice.Cut it into 2 vertical rectangles or triangles
5 Dot it with ketchup or red garlic chilli chutney ,sprinkle some extra cheese on top of sandwich and serve.

1. just apply some butter on top of above sandwich and grill above sandwich in a toaster or tava
2.can add veggies to above sandwich like slices of cucumber,beet,tomato,boiled potato,onion


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