Thursday, 5 May 2016

Poha idli recipe ,Soft fluffy Aval Idli

being an idli dosa fan ,I keep on searching for variation in Idli recipes or dosa recipes
todays recipe is poha idli which i referred from Tarla Dalal website .

Flattened rice (also called beaten rice) is a dehusked rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes.poha  is known by various names

 It is known by a variety of names: Pauaa/Paunva (પૌંઆ) in Gujarati, "Poya" in Rajasthani, Chuda in Oriya, Atukulu in Telugu (Atukulu), Aval in Tamil(அவல்) and Malayalam(അവൽ), Chiura in parts of Bihar and Jharkhand, Chira in Bengali (চিঁড়া) and Assamese, Chiura (चिउरा) in Maithili, Nepali, Bhojpuri and Chhattisgarhi, Poha[1] or Pauwa in Hindi, Baji in Newari, Pohe in Marathi, Phovu in Konkani, Avalakki (ಅವಲಕ್ಕಿ) in Kannada

Super soft idlis made with a combination of broken and beaten rice, the Poha Idli is also relatively convenient to make compared to the traditional idli because idli rawa is used instead of whole idli rice. This helps you make the batter quicker and also ensures a perfect consistency, without having to worry about how coarse the rice has to be ground. Remember to grind the poha-rice mix and the soaked urad separately, to get perfect idlis. Enjoy hot and fresh with your favourite chutney and sambhar.

1 cup rice semolina (idli rawa)
1/4 cup beaten rice (poha)
1/4 cup urad dal (split black lentils)
 salt to taste
 oil for greasing

 1.Clean, wash and soak the idli rava and beaten rice in water for at least 2 hours.
2.Clean, wash the urad dal thoroughly and soak it in water for at least 2 hours.
3.Drain the idli rava and rice, combine together and blend in a mixer to a smooth batter.
4.Darin and blend the urad dal separately to a smooth paste using a little water.
5.Combine the two batters, add salt and mix well. Cover and keep aside to ferment for 6 to 8 hours.
6.Put spoonfuls of the batter into greased idli moulds and steam for 10 to 12 minutes.
7.Repeat with the remaining batter to make more idlis.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Aloo Anardana Kulcha recipe,Amritsari aloo anardana kulcha

I am addicted to punjabi cuisine .I love chola bhatura , punjabi kadhi, aloo matar ,palak paneer ,parathas and ofcourse kulchas...list goes on and on.

I have blogged about aloo kulcha earlier .todays recipe is Aloo Anardana Kulcha which has the addition of anardana ie dried pomegranate seeds as the souring agent which imparts a diffferent flavour to this kulcha.

i had got anardana to make some aloo chole recipe and used the balance to amke this flavourful aloo anardana kulcha with some mint chutney...

i followed the same recipe of aloo kulcha only with the addition of anardana
Kulcha (Urdu: کلچه, Hindi: कुलचा; Punjabi: ਕੁਲਚਾ)  is a type of leavened north Indian flatbread made from maida (wheat flour). It is particularly popular in India and Pakistan, and is usually eaten with chole.

Kulcha is a typical Punjabi recipe, originating in Punjab. Amritsar is known for its Amritsari kulchas or Amritsari naan. Flour dough is rolled into a flat, round shape and baked in an earthen clay oven until golden brown. When baked, it is usually rubbed with butter, and then eaten with spicy chole (chickpea curry).

.The leavened maida or refined flour flat breads called kulchas are stuffed with potatoes (aloo),onion and lots of spices and anardana(pomegranate seeds) , are rolled into a flat round bread and baked in an earthen clay oven until golden brown.
served with dahi(yoghurt),dahi or pickleThe ingredients are similar to aloo paratha except the outer covering is all purpose flour.It is rubbed with butter and then eaten with spicy chole...

Serves 7 kulchas

Ingredients :

Maida (white flour/all purpose flour) - 400 gms. (3 cup)
Curd - 3 table spoon.
Baking soda - 1/3 tea spoon.
Baking powder - 1/2 tea spoon.
Sugar - 1 tea spoon.
Oil - 1 table spoon.
Salt - 3/4 tea spoon (or according to the taste)
Carom seeds (Owa/ajwain)  or cumin seeds (jeera/jira) - 1 tea spoon.

Filling /stuffing
Potato - 300 gms. ( 4 boiled)
Salt - 1/2 tea spoon (or according to the taste)
Green chilli - 1-2 (chopped)
Ginger - 1 inch long piece (grated)
Amchoor powder - 1/2 tea spoon.
Coriander powder - 2 table spoon spoon.
Red chilli powder - 1-2 pinch.
Garam masala - 1/4 tea spoon
Coriander leaves - 1 table spoon (chopped)
mint leaves chopped - 1 tbspn
anardana - 1.5- 2 tbsp

Method :

1.Sieve the maida in a bowl and mix curd, baking soda, baking powder, salt, sugar, oil in it. Mix the ingredients well with hands.

  2.Knead the flour with luke warm water to make a smooth dough. Apply oil to the dough and keep it in a covered  bowl  at a warm place. Within 3-4 hours the dough will rise.

 3. Punch the dough once again to fix it. The dough to make kulcha is ready.

4. Peel and mash the boiled potatoes. mix  salt, green chilli, ginger, coriander powder, amchoor powder,anardana, red chilli powder, garam masala and coriander leaves. Mix all the spices well with the mashed potatoes. The filling to stuff the kulcha is ready.

5.Make 8-10 round balls of the dough. Make equal amount of small balls of the potato mixture also.

6.Take one ball of the dough and roll it into a flat disc of 3 inch. Put the potato mixture ball on the disc and press it with hands so it settles down on the dough. Fold and close the disc from all the sides  as shown below.

7.Dust the kulcha with dry maida and press it with light hands to increase its size upto 3 inch. Now roll the kulcha into a flat disc of 6-7 inch with the roller. Fix some carom seeds or cumin seeds over the at the top of the kulcha.

8.You can bake the kulcha in oven, pan (tawa) or tandoor.

9.Heat a tava /pan . Put the kulcha in the pan and roast it until it turns brown from the bottom surface. Pour some oil or ghee on the upper surface once the lower surface turns brown. Roast it till both the surface turns brown in colour. Prepare all the kulchas in the same manner.

10.Serve the Potato anardana stuffed kulchas with curd, chutney,mango pickle or chole recipe.

Tip /variation:

For baking  kulcha in an oven grease a tray with oil. Put 2 kulchas in the pan and pre-heat the oven at 300 centigrade. Place the tray in an oven and bake the kulcha for 2 minutes. Flip the side of the kulchas after 2 minutes and bake again till both the surfaces turn brown in colour. Now take out the tray from the oven and serve the hot baked kulchas with curd, aloo matar, pickle or chole recipe.

Pyaaz pakoda,Onion pakora south style,how to make andhra style onion pakora

Pyaz pakoda ,yet another any time favourite recipe of mine.

But this is slightly different in taste than our marathi kanda bhaji or khekda bhaji even though it uses onions..


Onion Pakoda is a deep fried batter snack made of gram flour (besan), other spices and onions. Unlike the potato bajji or the banana chilli bajji, the batter for the onion pakoda is different.

It is more of a south ,specially andhra style pyaaz pakoda.

The addition of green chilies ( no red chilli powder) , ginger julienes , Jeera, curry leaves and cashew nuts make it different than  our khekda bhaji.
also read the process carefully as some oil is added to dry besan flour along with some soda which gives it a crumbly texture.

Also green chilli should be cut length wise ,dont cut it round.

i had tasted this bhajiya in a restaurant in bangalore while watching cricket matches.

I am so glad that i found this recipe on  vah re vah chef sanjay thumas video.

definitely a must try recipe ,so if you are a bhajiya lover like me than go for it

curry leaves  2 sprigs ( about 10-15 leaves)
oil  To Fry
salt   To Taste
Ginger finely sliced  1 inch Piece
big Onion  1 Cup
Green chillies  3-4 Numbers
baking pdr  1/2 Teaspoons
oil or butter  2 Tablespoons
Rice Flour  1/4 Cup
Gram Flour Besan  1 Cup
jeera   - 1 tsp
cashewnuts  - 10 pieces ( soak in water for ten minutes before adding to batter)


1.Take a bowl add very thin sliced onions, green chillies, ginger sliced, curry leaves, if you want to add cashewnuts soke in water for 10min and then add it to the onions, add salt and mix well.

2.In another bowl add besan, rice flour, salt, jeera, baking powder, 2 tbsp oil and mix it nicely with your fingers.

 3.Now add the onion mixture. Mix well if need sprinkle water and mix well again so that besan sticks to onion mixture .

4.Heat oil ,reduce flame to medium and throw spoonful of bhajiya with a spoon in hot oil , deep fry till it is golden brown.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Kala chana pulao| Brown chickpea pulav|black gram pilaf

Kala Chana Pulao…. one of the rare pulaos which I saw in a marathi cookery show.. The taste of the pulao was just heavenly.

Give a twist to your usual pulao/biryani by adding chick peas. Legumes are not only rich in protein, but also high in fiber. Channa pulao is mild, aromatic and full of flavor!

The chickpea or chick pea (Cicer arietinum) is a legume of the family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae. It is also known as gram, or Bengal gram, garbanzo or garbanzo bean, and sometimes known as Egyptian pea, ceci, cece or chana(in Nepal), or Kabuli chana (particularly in northern India). Its seeds are high in protein

The pulao has to be made with basmati rice and ghee or else something will be a little amiss if you do not use basmati rice and ghee. Hmm frankly speaking, its a little time consuming process to make this pulao. But I bet you would not regret the time spent. Trust me, it tastes simply fantastic.

You can use fresh black /brown chickpeas or even use leftover kala chana curry for this pulao.

1.5 cup cups boiled brown gram/uble kala sukha chane/ukadlela kale chana
2 cup rice
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
 ½ cup curd
2 onions  sliced
1 tomato
1 or 2 green chilies
1 tsp kasoori methi
few strands of saffron
2 tbsp warm milk 
1 tsp red chilli powder
½ cup chopped coriander and mint leaves
water  4 cups

Garam Masala to be ground in mixer
½ tsp  caraway seeds (shahjeera)
 1 black cardamom ( badi elaichi)
 2/3 small green cardamom  (elaichi)
 1/2 strands of mace  (javitri)
 2 tsp badishep (fennel seeds)
 2 cloves
 1 inch cinnamon

Tempering2 tbsp ghee
 1/2 tsp black jeera (shahijeera)
 1 bay leaf
 2 cloves
 1 black cardamom
 1/2 inch cinnamon


1. Wash basmati rice till water is clear  & keep it soaked in water for atleast 30 minutes .Drain & keep aside.

2.Soak the chickpeas overnight in water and pressure cook them for 4-5 whistles till done. Add some salt while pressure cooking the chickpeas.

3.Chop  onions, tomatoes, chillies, coriander and mint leaves and keep aside.

4.Smoothen the curd and keep aside. Soak the saffron in warm milk. Grind all ingredients under garam masala to fine powder in mixie.

5.In a kadhai heat the ghee and splutter the caraway seeds. Next add  whole garam masala –  bayleaf ,cardamoms, cinnamon, cloves.Fry the whole garam masala for few seconds and then add the onions. & fry till it is golden brown.

Now add the ginger garlic paste and saute till the raw smell of the ginger-garlic disappears.  Add the chopped tomatoes & green chillies.Add red chilli powder ,garam masala powder prepared in step 4

6.Saute for a minute  and add. the basmati rice. Mix well and saute the entire mixture for a minute. Add the curd, saffron-milk mixture and boiled black chana, coriander and mint leaves,kasoori methi with 1.5 cups of water .

7.Season with salt and allow the rice  to cook on medium flame. Once water gets absorbed cover with lid & cook till done.

8.Serve hot with raita, pickle, papad or any veg salad.  I had served with pickle papad,spinach pakoda & masala chas