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Tirangi modak |tricolour fried (tallele) crisp modak for ganesh chaturthi |panchkhadya modak


I have used red and green food colour & used maida to make these modaks instead of wheat flour.I have used maharashtrian prasad khirapat or panchkhadya as a filling or stuffing in this modak ,for panch khadya recipe pls click here

A modak (Devnagari:मोदक) is a sweet dumpling popular in Western an.d South India. It is called "modak" in Marathi and Konkani, "modhaka" in Kannada, "modhaka" or "kozhakkattai" in Tamil, and "kudumu" in Telugu.


The sweet filling is made of fresh coconut and jaggery while the shell is of rice flour. The dumpling can be fried or steamed.

 Modak has a special importance in the worship of the Hindu elephant god, Ganesh. Modak is believed to be his favorite food and hence is also known as modakapriya. Ganesh worship ceremony (puja) sometimes concludes with an offering of modaks to the deity.



2 cup all purpose flour (Maida)

1/2 cup semolina (rava /sooji)

salt pinch


2 cup desicated coconut
1-2 tsp roasted poppy seeds khas khas
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp elaichi (cardamom ) powder
4-5 powdered dry dates (kharik)
pinch saffron
1 tbsp  roasted dryfruits  (almond,cashew,pista)
1 tsp ghee


1.Soak semolina in equal quantity of water for 15 minutes.Mix soaked semolina with maida  flour add salt & knead to a medium consistency dough (neither too hard not too soft). Keep covered under damp cloth for 15-20 minutes.


2.Mix coconut & powdered sugar in a bowl & add 1 tsp of milk & keep aside for 10 minutes.Add 1 tsp ghee in a kadhai  add roasted poppy seeds .Next add desicated coconut & sugar mixture & stir on a low flame till the mixture turns golden brown

3 Modak making is an art and needs lots of patience and practice.

4.Divide the dough into three equal sized mix green food colour with one part & pink colour with other part.See Tip 4
keep them covered under damp make small equal number of balls from white pink & green dough.


5. now take   white pink & green  coloured balls & place adjacent to each other .now press them with your palms to ensure that no space remains in between three balls & the result will look like a three petal flower as shown below.
 Simply roll out the tricolour ball into a 2-3 inch diameter thin circle with help of a rolling pin. the diameter of circle will depend on the size of the individual ball


6.Spoon some stuffing at the center of the bowl.

7.Make small pinches side by side all along the outer surface of the bowl.

8.Gather the periphery at the top and join to form a peak.

The pleated shape looks like a whole garlic.

10.Remove excess part of the peak & make it pointed as shown in below  picture.


11.Heat oil in a frying pan & fry the modak in batches till golden brown on a medium flame.

12 serve 21 modaks as a neivadyam to lord ganesha


1. While frying the modaks in oil place the tip of modak pointing downwards & base should be on top. once the tip turns golden brown flip the modak  so that the base goes in downward directionThis will allow the tip of modak to get fried uniformly.

2.You can even use wheatflour instead of maida for cover

3 can use wet coconut jaggery stuffing as we make for ukadiche modak

4 For uniform  mixing of green /red colour with maida add colour to respective maida dough & then just pulse it once or twice in mixer .

Sunday, 24 August 2014

PanchKhadya recipe |panchkhadya khirapat easy recipe for ganpati prasad

Think of Maharashtra, and you are instantly reminded of  celebrating the Ganesha Chaturthi with great pomp.

Lord Ganesha is specially fond of `modak', `puran poli', `panch khadya' (dry fruits) and `kheer' made on this occasion.

I'm sharing the recipe of  panchkhadya khirapat, the favourite prasad or naivedya offered to Lord Ganesha.

 khirapat or panchkhadya  is made from minimum 5 ingredients therefore the name. normally it has ingrediensts starting with marathi letter kh  namely khobra ,khadi sakhar,khismis ,khas khas ,kharik but you add fry fruits  of your choice or even golden raisins (manuka)
i had even added a pinch of saffron - kesar to ake this prasad shahi means royal

When you are in a hurry and you need to prepare a prashad this is the best thing to do. Within 5 to 10 min you can make the prasad and be ready for the Ganpati Aarti.
 Panchkhadya modak which consists of dry dates(kharik)  raisins, cashewnuts, powdered sugar and khobra

 1 cup dry coconut grated (sukha khobra)
 2 tbsp poppy seeds
 4-5 almonds +4-5 cashew + 4-5 pista
 4-5 dry date  (kharik )
 4-5 tsp rock sugar  (khadisakhar - you can use regular sugar too)
1 tsp elaichi powder

pinch saffron (kesar)


1. Dry roast the coconut until it is golden brown. keep aside to cool. crush it slightly with hands

2. Dry roast the poppy seeds, after it comes to room temperature grate it in mixer to make coarse powder.

3.remove seeds from kharik , dry roast slightly & make  a coarse powder.

4 also dry roast dry fruits slightly & make  a coarse powder

5.pound rock sugar /normal sugar coarsely in mixer

 6.mix dry fruit powder, dry dates powder &  coarsely grinded sugar as needed to the dry coconut & poppy seeds powder. your khirapat is ready

1.roast above ingredients on low heat take care not to burn them


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Khajoor Modak | sugar free modak recipe

Presenting modak recipe since ganesh chaturthi is near.had seen this on marathi tv channel cookery show.
 its a sugar free modak as made from khajoor or dates which makes it healthy too.
also good for diabetic patients.

now adding roasted dry fruits in khajur mixture is optional  but it gives a nice crunchy feeling .

you can even add roasted dry coconut to below recipe &then shape it in modak moulds


Seedless Khajoor (Dates) - 1 cup
Khuskhus (Poppy seeds) - 2 teaspoons
Cashew, almond and pista -1 cup (optional)
Cardamom powder - 2 teaspoons
Pure Ghee - 1-2 tablespoon


1.In a non- stick pan, Melt ghee on slow flame add chopped dryfruits  saute it till it turns brown

2.Saute khajur in 1 tbsp ghee till it becomes soft .let it cool mix roasted nuts & Cardamom powder with khajoor

2.Grease modak sacha (mould) with ghee & sprinkle little khaskhas on inner side of mould.

3. Stuff khajur mixture in mould .close mould & press properlu
4.Next open mould & remove modak gently & place in a plate.
5.Modak are ready for Ganpati bappa.