Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tirangi sathyachi karanji |khajyachi karanji|kanhavle

With diwali approaching thought of adding some colour to diwali faraal .
todays post is tirangi or tricolour sathyachi karanji.
I have used white ,red and green colour 



1 cup (maida) all purpose flour
2tsp rava (semolina)
1/4 cup heated ghee (mohan)( i have used dalda )
pinch salt,
1/2 cup cold milk
food colour pink and green

1/2 cup shredded coconut (dry) or desiccated coconut
2 tbsp poppy seeds,
1/2 cup ground sugar
2 tbsp thin semolina,
2 tsp ghee to roast semolina,
2 tbsp chopped dryfruits ( almonds,pista,cashewnuts)
1 tsp cardamom powder, raisins
3-4 Kharik (dry dates)


3 tbsp ghee,
1 tbsp corn starch (Corn flour)/rice flour


1.Mix all the ingredients for the cover and make a medium dough.

2.make 3 equal parts of dough and mix green colour in one part and red colour in another one.pound the coloured dough in mixer for uniform mixing of colour

3.Cover and set the dough aside for half an hour. 


3.Roast coconut lightly until just pink. 
4.Roast poppy seeds until golden .Roast semolina in ghee until it emits aroma and turns light brown
5.Crush coconut with hands or in a blender. 
6.Mix coconut,sugar and poppy seeds, semolina, ground cashews nuts,kharik and cardamom powder. This is the filling for karanjis.

7.Whip ghee with a egg beater until it turns light and fluffy. 
8.Now add corn starch to it and again beat for a couple of minutes.This will make the saatha.
(To check if the saatha is ready, do this test: Take some cold water in a small bowl. Drop some whipped mixture into it. If it quickly dissolves, still more whipping is required. If the mixture floats on water, the saatha is ready.)

9.Now we have to prepare the actual karanjis
10.Knead the dough well and divide it into 3 equal sized balls.

11. Roll out one ball with green dough with a rolling pin into a thin green puri(disc). Keep it under a wet cloth and flatten out another ball from white dough and red dough into a similar shaped discs.

12. keep 2 puris aside under a wet cloth to keep them from drying out.now take red puri and Spread 2 tsp saatha over the disc evenly upto the edge.

13. Place the white puri over it and press gently.

14. Again spread some saatha over it and place the green puri onto it. Press lightly.

15. apply satha on green puri .With gentle hands, wrap the puri tightly to form a roll.( the colour which you will place at bottom while making roll will be seen majorly ).In below image i have placed red puri at bottom so the red colour is seen majorly

17. Trim both the ends of the roll and cut it lengthwise into 1 inch wide pieces.

18. Place a piece on the rolling board press it with palms and roll it out into a thin disc. Do not apply any flour to it.

19. Place 2 tsp of filling in the center of the disc.Fold the disc in half to form a semicircle.

20. Apply some milk to the edges and seal tightly. Trim off the extra edges with a karanji cutter ('kaatane') to get the curvy edge . you can even pinch the edges of karanji with your fingers as shown in the fourth image

21. Heat enough ghee (or ghee and oil in half) in a deep frying pan/kadai. Once heated turn the heat to low to medium.

22.Slide one karanji into the oil and keep tossing the oil over it so all the layers open up nicely. Flip and repeat the process.

23.Fry karanjis in the batches of 2 to 3. Once light golden, remove and drain on a paper towel.Store in airtight container after it is cool.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Diwali faral marathi recipe |Deepawali easy Sweets snacks namkeen

With almost a week left for diwali I guess all ladies would be busy searching traditional & new recipes for diwali faraal & making them in their kitchen.

Faraal is marathi word for various diwali snacks & sweets .

So here goes the list of  Diwali sweets & Diwali snacks - namkeen  .

pls click on recipe name for detailed recipe.


MURMURA CHIVDA                                                        YELLOW SEV-OMPUDI

TIKHAT SHEV /GATHIYA                                                                       KHARI PURI|

POHA CHIWDA                                                                    BHAJANI  CHAKLI 

MATAR KARANJI                                            SABUDANA CHAKALI

SAGO CHIWDA                                                                   KHASTA KACHORI

SWEET KACHORI                                                                 BATATA KACHORI 


TIKHAT SHANKARPALI                                                 RICE FLOUR CHAKLI     


LEFTOVER CHAPATI CHAKLI                                           SABUDANA BATATA CHAKALI


LASUN SHEV                                            PALAK SHEV/SPINACH SEV



ANARSE - ANARSA                                                                  BESAN LADOO

KHAJUR ROLL                                                                         SHANKARPALE


APPLE  RABDI                                                      LAYERED PADARACHI KARANJI

KESARI BHAT                                                                                   APPLE HALWA

SHRIKHAND                                                                 BATATA VADI 

OATS DRYFRUIT LADOO                                       VERMICELLI/SEVAIYA KHEER

AAMRAS                                                                                 AMRAKHAND


PURAN POLI                          RATALA (SWEET POTATO)  GULABJAMUN        


KAJU KATLI                                                                       PEANUT LADDU

RAVA COCONUT LADOO                                                          KARANJI -GUJIYA 

MOONG DAL HALWA                                                 NARAL WADI-COCONUT BARFI

MTR MIX GULAB JAMUN                                        GAJAR KA HALWA

DUDHI HALWA                                                      DUDHI KHEER

BASUNDI                                                                                 PISTA KULFI 

BEETROOT HALWA                                                                  KAJU ROLLS


MANGO HALWA                                                        DUDHI FIRNI