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Ambya chi Vadi - wadi |Khobra amba vadi| mango burfi- fudge

As a teenager I never liked to get involved in making sweets  except tilgul laddos & karanjis. I found the process  tiresome.    However i enjoyed eating them  .One such recipe is coconut barfi /naralachi wadi     .Coconut means naral in marathi & wadi /vadi means fudge/BARFI .Coconut Burfi is an easy to make sweet and a quick recipe too. It is called 'khobbri mithai' in Kannada and 'naralachi vadi' or 'khobaryachi vadi' in marathi. You can have it as a dessert or as a sweet snack or just like that.
 It has a shelf life of about 10-15 days so you can make in advance and keep it ready to serve when needed. In hot summer days you can keep it for about a week.
Mom prepares a wide range of wadis like naralachi wadi  ,beetroot wadi,matarchi wadi/tomato vadi/batata vadi     .
But being mango season   Todays recipe is ambyachi wadi ie mango barfi / amba naral wadi.Again moms recipe which was sent to me by her.   I clicked the photos & asked the recipe on phone.So here we go    .



1 cup grated coconut( take fresh whole coconut & grate it) /ola khobra
1 cup boiled mashed potato
2 cup sugar(less or more as per your taste)
1 ripe yellow mango(piklela amba hapoos(hapus) / 1 cup ripe mango pulp
2 tablespoon clarified butter(ghee,toop)
1/2 teaspoon cardamom powder(optional).
Slices of almond & pista for garnish


1.Remove skin of mango & collect pulp in a bowl. Mix grated coconut
Keep non-stick pan on medium heat,add half tsp ghee .Let it melt and add grated coconut,boiled mashed potato, sugar,mango pulp roast it for 5 mins. keep stirring continuously.Keep a close watch on it or the mixture will burn in two seconds.

2.After half an hour(or more) you will see  mixture & will get converted in form of a lump (gola).Add cardamom powder,keep stirring at least for another 2-3 minutes.It should not be total dry or thin,should be thick and sticky too.
3.Now turn off the heat and take one plastic sheet and apply some ghee on it .Place the mixture on it with spoon.Place another plastic sheet on it and spread down all the mixture evenly(1 inch thick) with the help of a rolling pin . second plastic is placed so taht mixture doesnt stick to rolling pin while spreading it .
4. With help of knife make cuts on the mixture to form diamond shape/rhombus shaped wadis . Place sliced badam or pista on each wadi.
5.Let it cool down for say 2-3 hrs.Take out all pieces & enjoy.
6.They stay fresh outside in an airtight container for 4-5 days  after that they must be refrigerated.

Don't forget to eat................... :)

A close look

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  1. Wow what a recipe. Potato addition is new thing! Sadly, mango season 5 months away. Tried sweet potato cutlet and it was delicious.
    Will try more recipes.
    Thank you.