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How to Grow lemongrass plant in home ?|growing paticha chaha in balcony

I love the fragrance of lemongrass( also known as paticha chaha ) fresh, clean and gingery which has its native in india

I use it when cooking Thai dishes . Its lemony-ginger taste is also delicious as a refreshing tea.

check out lemon grass tea  here.

Pls check this post on lemongrass for more information & medicinal benefits

Now I’m even more thrilled .And you know the good news? Growing lemongrass is child’s play.
All you need to do is plant the stalks that you buy at the supermarket into a jar filled with about an inch or so of water and just watch it grow!
Within just two days you will see the roots sprout and you know you’re on your way to a bountiful lemongrass garden.
 so even for those of you who, like me, live in apartments, growing your own lemongrass is so easy.

This plant has a fresh lemony smell that is quite nice to people, but that mosquitoes hate.
Lemongrass may be grown from seeds, but it is a rather lengthy process.

It is actually easier to grow lemongrass from the mature plant, which you can buy at your preferred produce spot, Super market or grocery store.


1. Purchase a bundle of lemongrass, and buy the firmest, least dried out bunch of lemongrass from  Super market.


2.and when you get it home, trim the tops   especially the ones which are dried out.

3. put  trimmed lemongrass stalks in into a jar filled with about an inch or so of water and place the whole thing into a warm window sill. The water should completely cover the bulbous bit at the bottom of the stalks.

4.Within a week or two, roots will start to appear and possibly some leaves.

5.Just keep changing the water every day or every second day at most. In about three to four weeks, the lemongrass would have grown about 2 inches of roots.

6 then plant lemongrass  stalk into  small pot  filled with soil .Gently cover all the roots and quite a bit of the bulbous part at the bottom if you can.

7. within 2 to 3 week small leaves will appear as shown below. later you can see long thin leaves and numerous stalks emerging from the original one. Keep it watered well, but make sure the soil isn’t soaked in water. It can withstand a good amount of sunlight as well.

8.To harvest, just select the stalks you want and simply break them off the main plant at the base.

9.You can also re-pot them on into larger containers to keep indoors or in a greenhouse. Fully grown, the plant is fairly bushy with long thin leaves and numerous stalks emerging from the original one.
Though they can grow to large sizes if they have the space, a container or pot will constrict their roots enough to make it a lovely house plant.


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