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Indian Spicy Chicken recipes|different types of hot marathi chicken dish variety

Presenting a collection of different types of chicken recipes from my site annapurna ( which includes marathi chicken recipes ,chinese ,international & also from different states of india

I mostly make chicken dishes on non veg days in my house ie (friday,wednesday & sunday)

Indian cuisine is popularly known for its spicy and tangy taste.  Chicken  recipes serve as an important part of the Indian non vegetarian cuisine.

Right from the North of India to the South, there are various ways of cooking chicken.each state in india has its specilaity

 Indian Chicken recipes are famous world wide for their mouth watering Tandoori varieties, Curries, Tikkas, Gravies and Biryanis.

Pls click on individual chicken recipe name (link) for detail step by step method

Rogan josh recipe | Chicken roghan josh Kashmiri pandit style
Rogan josh (or roghan josh) is an aromatic lamb dish of Persian origin, which is one of the signature recipes of Kashmiri cuisine. Rogan (روغن) means "oil" in Persian, while josh (جوش) means "heat, hot, boiling, or passionate"

Malvani chicken called "kombdi (CHICKEN) vade (MIXED FLOUR PURI)" is a spicy & hot chicken curry served with vade & rice & sol kadhi (pink colored appetizer drink made from the kokam fruit and Coconut Milk, often drunk after particularly hot and spicy Konkani / Malvani meal as it is very soothing.)

Kolhapuri chicken | Spicy kolhapuri tambda rassa recipe
It is a famous dish from Kolhapur, Kolhapur is actually a city from Maharashtra state of India.tambda means red and rassa stands for gravy

Indo chinese chicken fried rice recipe
chicken fried rice which is an indo chinese recipe in which pre cooked rice is stir fried with chicken,veggies  & a combination of sauces

Methi chicken |Methi Murgh
A legendary recipe from Punjab.This recipe is easy to cook and great in taste, as well as looks and texture.Chicken cooked with methi or fenugreek leaves, a signature North Indian dish that goes well with any Indian bread.


Kadhai Chicken | Kadai chicken recipe
kadhai means yok and chicken refers to spicy chicken  tomato curry made with bell peppers (simla mirchi) seasoned with freshly ground spices & kasoori methi .
I have used red ,yellow and green bell pepper to make it more colourful

Chettinad Chicken Gravy  |Chettinad Chicken Kuzhambu| Chicken Chettinad curry
Chettinad Chicken Gravy is the cuisine of the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu state in South India which is cooked with some distinct ingredients such as poppy seeds , fennel seeds, coriander seeds along with coconut milk that give it a peculiar taste.

Kodi Kura |Traditional andhra style chicken curry
todays recipe which is a chicken dish from hyderabad called KODI KURA which is traditional and authentic andhra style chicken curry extremely spicy & tangy .kodi means chicken and kura means curry This Spicy and hot  Andhra Chicken Curry  is a simple one that is cooked with minimum ingredients in many households in vijaywada  and guntur regions of andhra pradeshThis is a curry which is prepared with cubes of chicken cooked with onions,tomatoes and home-made masala.

Hariyali chicken |spicy green gravy chicken | coriander mint chicken rassa |hara murgh
The chicken in this recipe is flavoured with coriander, mint ginger and garlic. It is prepared with minimal ingredients that are readily available at home and yet tastes awesome.
hariyali or hara means green  & murgh means chickenThe main ingredients which impart curry look green are the coriander,mint leaves, palak leaves and green chillies. I’m sure you will find this dish very tasty accompanied with rotis or rice

Chilli chicken  |Spicy dry and gravy chilli chicken |Indo chinese recipe
Chilli chicken is a popular Indo-Chinese dish of chicken.In India, this may include a variety of dry chicken preparations.Chicken seasoned with lots of green chillies,ginger ,garlic & a mixture of sauces.

Chicken vindaloo
Vindaloo is an spicy chicken Indian curry dish popular in the region of Goa made with freshly ground spices used to marinate chicken along with vinegar

Varhadi chicken
Varhadi chicken is a hot and spicy Chicken preparation from vidarbha (eastern region of Maharashtra)

Chicken Manchurian Dry recipe
chicken manchurian recipe which  is a part of the Indo – Chinese Cuisine is also a famous party appetizer  which can be made semi dry or gravy as per your liking.
In this recipe, boneless chicken pieces are marinated in exotic spices and deep fried in oil and then cooked in spicy hot sauce. It makes a best combo with  fried rice . Also it can be served as main course dish or snacks.

 Chicken Lollipop recipe
It is also a popular item in Indian Chinese cuisine, served with Szechuan sauce which is made from chicken wings.

Chicken Drumsticks Curry
Chicken Leg Curry is one of the most delicious curry recipe, here chicken is cooked in the unique marinade of curd . The ultimate Indian spices are ready to give the mind blowing flavor to the dish.

Malwani Sukka Chicken -kombdi
Its a coconut based hot and spicy chicken curry that is served with rice based main course along with sol kadhi as appetizer

An easy and quick burger recipe made with chicken pattice ,lettuce & mayoinesse.

Dum Ka Murgh is a very rich dish with lot of spices, almonds and cream .
Here goes the  favorite chicken dish that uses a technique called dum, a word derived from the Persian word ‘dum baksh‘  meaning ‘to give breath to’ or cooked in its own juices without the addition of any water.

a spicy chicken marathi style with base as coconut onion paste (vatan) made by skp community (CHAUKALSHI PADHTATICHA CHICKEN)

Butter chicken or murgh makhani is an Indian dish from the Punjab region

To make Hyderabadi Biryani, the meat and the rice are cooked in an air tight pot on very low flame, so that the rice is cooked in the flavors of meat and gets the aroma of the meat. The meat gets the direct heat from the flame and the rice is cooked with steam generated by the air tight method of cooking, also known as Dum method

Chicken in black pepper sauce-chinese style |kali miri murgh

delectable chicken morsels carefully seasoned with black pepper and chinese sauces

A flavourful dish with spinach gravy & an array of indian spices


Kaeng Phed (Ped) – the red coconut milk curry is one of the most well-known Thai recipes.

Schezwan Chicken Hakka Noodles Recipe
Prepare the schezwan Chicken hakka noodles with boiled noodles stir fried with vegetables,fried chicken and tossed with a delectable mix of Chinese sauces.

Schezwan chicken dry recipe| Schezwan chicken gravy recipe
it is a popular indo chinese food which is served as an appetizer or as a gravy made with spicy schezwan sauce

 Schezwan chicken fried rice recipe
Schezwan sauce has tremendous flavor when added to the Chinese rice, noodles ,chicken and soups it gives unique taste .it is a popular indo chinese food which is served  made with spicy schezwan sauce


Hongkong style chicken noodles
noodles seasoned with sauces made in hongkong style

Pressure cooker chicken biryani

A delicious hyderbadi style biryani made in cooker when you are short of time

Pad Thai or phat Thai (Thai: ผัดไทย, RTGS: Phat Thai, ISO p̄hạdịthy,  [pʰàt tʰāj] ( listen), "fried Thai style") is stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and at casual local eateries in Thailand. 

Hyderabadi Shahi chicken white korma

A mughlai chicken korma recipe which is truly royal ,fragrant rich & yes also delicious

Hariyalli Chicken Tikka Kebab or Murgh Tikka Kebab Hariyalli are famous as starters or appetizers in restaurants,specially in Punjabi Dhabas.The boneless small chicken pieces are perfectly coated with mint and coriander paste and are grilled in fire.The mint and coriander paste give it a beautiful greenish color and a wonderful flavour.

The Murg malai kababs are a great party dish and would be truly enjoyed by one and all.Unlike the Tandoori chicken or chicken tikka which makes a regular appearance in most of the Indian restaurants, Murg Malai kabab is little different and is served in its natural lightly Whitish brown golden color.

Kali miri murgh |Pepper chicken curry hyderabadi style

A spicy curry with flavours of pepper 

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