Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Goan style fish curry |goan surmai che kalvan |seer fish goan rassa

I am not a fan of sea food but husband is .Mostly its a chicken dish or egg recipe during weekends,but last sunday hubby got surmai fish and asked me to prepare this delicious Goan fish curry which tasted absolutely yummy

I do eat fish curry but do not eat fish.So todays recipe is  goan seer fish curry or as we call it in Marathi - 'Surmaiche Kalvan'. This is a common fish curry recipe in goan households

It is an easy fish curry which will always be a regular menu in your kitchen once you taste it

I referred it from goanfood recipes and followed it ditto with very few minor changes to suit our taste


1 medium Sized Surmai (You can also add pomfret or Halwa)
half Raw Mango pieces
1 Green Chilli
i onion


6 Kashmiri Chillies ( i used half byadgi and half kashmiri)
1/2 Scraped Coconut (about   small cup)
A Small Piece of Ginger inch
5-8 Flakes Garlic
5 - 6 Pepper Corns ( i had used tirphal which is known as sichuan pepper in english)
1 inch dalchini
1 Table spoon Coriander seeds 
A Pinch of Methi Seeds
half raw mango pieces
Small ball of Tamarind if a raw Mango is used ( use a lemon sized tamarind if you dont use raw mango)
1/2 Tea spoon Haldi Powder
1/2 Tea spoon Jeera

Coriander leaves


1.wash fish thoroughly and apply ginger garlic paste ,turmeric ,red chilli powder ,tamarind juice 1 tsp each and salt on fish and keep the fish aside.

2.Grind the masala ingredients mentioned above, in a mixer with a little water.

3.Heat oil in a pan/kadhai,add hing, chopped saute for 2-3 minute till onion is pink

4.Now add the grounded masala to it saute for a minute, add some salt and slit the green chilly, remove seeds as per spice requirement. add the marinated fish to the curry,Also add the remaining cut pieces of raw mango, to give a tangy flavour .now add water as per the consistency you want.

6. check taste and adjust the spice (tikhat) or sour (ambat) taste cook covered till fish is cooked it will take 10 minutes generally.once you get a boil switch off the gas .

7.garnish with coriander and serve this spicy and sour goan kalvan (curry) with bhakari and steaming hot rice with solkadhi and lemon wedges

1.Instead of adding water you can add coconut milk to make it rich.

2.You can skip raw mango (but i recommend using it) and use tamarind entirely

3.instead of adding chopped onions in tadka you can grind onion along with vatan or use half onion in vatan and add remaining chopped onion in tadka.

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