Monday, 6 April 2015

Corn potato toast |How to make crispy aloo sweet corn toast at home

Choosing menu especially a new one for breakfast is a cumbersome task .I lIKE TO EXPERIMENT SO I HUNT FOR NEW RECIPES.

Corn potato toast was one such delicious recipe .Its so simple, easy to make. Try it out, even you and  your family would love it.

Every bite of this crispy aloo corn toast will make you happy & you will want to have more of it.

I have used brown bread to make it more healthy but you can use white bread too .TRy this on weekend & I am sure you will be loaded with appreciations from your family


Bread slices 6  (i used brown bread)

Potato boiled & mashed finely

Corn 1 cup 

Black pepper powder 1/2 tsp 

red chilli flakes       1 tsp (avoid if making for children)

Mixed herbs /italian seasoning - 1 tsp

Chopped coriander leaves 2 tblsp 

lemin juice - 1 tsp

Salt As needed 

Oil 1/4 cup 

Butter 2 tsp 

 Method :

1.Pressure cook corn and potato for 4-5 whistles with little water. drain water from corn .let potatoes cool ,Mash potatoes well and add coriander leaves, corn, italian seasoning ,red chilli flakes,black pepper powder,lemn juice salt to it.

2 Mix everything well & now with a spoon place this mixture on top of bread slice .

3.Heat a tava and spread some oil. Once the tava is hot place the bread slices with potato corn mixture on tava with bread side down.Let the bread gets roasted for 2 minutes on medium flame.


6.Flip the bread slices and cook the potato mixture side on tawa. Cook until the  toast turns golden brown in color.if required drizzle some oil from sides.Once cooked remove on  a plate & spread melted butter on it


7 Cut potato corn toast into halves or triangles ,sprinkle some italian seasoning & chilli flakes

8. serve warm with tomato ketchup or coriander chutney.

Tips :

1.You can even replace chilli flakes with chopped green chilli

2. Adjust the quantity of chilli flakes /green chilli / pepper powder /seasoning as per your taste & spice levels.

3.You can mix 2 tblsp grated cheese too in the mixture, but do not add more than that.

4.Oil should be generously used, otherwise it will be too dry.

5 Can use olive oil instead of normal oil

6 Can add chopped pudina leaves to above mixture.

7.If you dont count on calories, you can use butter generously instead of oil.

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