Monday, 6 July 2015

How to roast fryums in microwave

Nowadays many people are calorie & diet conscious so they prefer less oily foods .In india you will find fryums as a common side dish in many states right from North to south
Fryums is basically a cereal (flour and corn starch) based 'ready to fry' pellets. It is quite a popular snack in many a Indian homes. 
I remember having it in the evening after coming back from school. 

Normally these fryums are deep fried in oil .So many people will try to avoid eating fried fryums due to deep frying
But today I am going to tell you a method which uses zero oil for roasting fryums in microwave & they taste even better than the fried ones .

You can use this method for roasting any fryums


Fryums (any shape)



1.Place the fryums  on the base of turn table (plate) side by side.take care they do not overlap each other

2.Close the oven door.Now select microwave mode  & use the highest power.

3.Set the timing for seconds & press start button.After 30 seconds open door & get hot roasted fryums without using a single drop of oil

4.If you feel that fryum is raw from a specific side than again microwave it for 10  seconds

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