Monday, 14 March 2016

Bhaji pav recipe,kanda batata bhaji pau recipe

This recipe is normally available in Mumbai as a part of street food. you will find this on carts or even in small shops selling farsan or other snacks like dhokla.

Basically you will need bhajia mostly onion bhajiya & potato bhajiya and some mumbai laadi pav or pav bun  and some garlic chutney which we eqat with vada pav.

this recipe is similar to vada pav where batata wada is replaced by kanda batata bhajiya .

I have given the link to prepare individual kanda bhaji ,batata bhaji and garlic chutney.if you have time than you can even prepare laadi pav at on the recipe name for the detailed recipe

Ingredients :

Kanda bhaji/Pyaz pakoda (click here for detailed recipe)
Potato bhaji(click here for detailed recipe)
Laadi pav (click here for detailed recipe)
Garlic vada pav chutney( click here for detailed recipe)

Method : simply need to prepare these bhajiyas
2.slit the pav in centre .spread garlic chutney on both sides of the pav.
3 stuff onion bhajiya and potato bhajiya in the centre of pav slightly and enjoy...

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